Sunday, September 30, 2012


hello september !
u guys have been warned!
as usual 
i'd say that i was damn busy to write anything in my blog 
which is partly true 

so what i've been up to 
with hari raya , wedding and more weddings in the schedule 
every weekend is filled with one thing after another
(chewah . bajet super bz la konon) 

after raya celebration , i attended put's wedding in muar 
put was one of my coursemates

kitaorg dulu duk serumah kat rumah sewa perak 
consist the 6 of us 
put .qila. mint. liyana. nik and myself 
witnessing put getting married was kinda emotional 
it felt like just yesterday when we together getting our assignments done in house 33 

put , yang slalu minta aku g teman dia berak kat kampus pada tgh malam namun aku abaikan(HAHAHA) 
getting married ALREADY 

but like i always said 
whatever that makes my friend happy , i'm definitely happy for them 
wedding reception was held in muarJOHOR
a food galore indeed 
where every meal u'll remember till forever in your tastebuds  


nikah kat masjid muar 
super awesome view !

we had sate for majlis berinai
terngiang kat kepala rasa sate dia 

ok gambar ni nampak berlakon 
sumpah nampak berlakon
especially si qila 

with fellow archi people

with the girls 
beautiful wedding 
put | helmy 


in september , coincide with malaysia day 
i attended baem's wedding 
fellow archi mate also  
baem weds his long time gf aja
a happy ending indeed 

baem . nik . mim
(cuba teka kitaorg tgh mimic siapa)
the things we do 
too many to mention 
always a fun time whenever we go out
we always call baem ,girlfriend 
haha as we treat him like one of our girlfriends . hahaa
(though he doesn't like us calling him that -___-!)
but we finally lost him to the girl that he truly loves , aja 

to baem and aja
May you have love, health & wealth; but most importantly, may you have the time to enjoy them all.


majlis nikah 
held at aja's 

me and qila
she's getting married next year
if she finds the groom in time 

special appearance 

ahli rumah 33

the girls at the wedding 

with the beautiful bride

them boys

with warga architecture!

congratulations newlyweds
2 down and soon many more to come

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

seeing circles

bought rounded sunnies 
circle-shaped sunnies
or whatever u call it 

 well presented packaging i must say 
super excited
only to found out that 
my nose tak cukup mancung to hold the sunnies
nevertheless, i'm still wearing it !

macam noh hujan bila rambut dia macam helmet tu
bird's eye view utk ilusi optik jadi hidung nampak mancung
hidung jambu mcam kartun lat
ni update random
aku nak pakai sunnies ni g pantai
tapi nampaknya cam lama lagi je nak jejak pantai 
so hambek ko 
aku jejak world wide web plak

Saturday, August 4, 2012


somebody sent me a cake during my birthday 
so i've decided to bring it over for my birthday dinner 
told my friends . don't buy any cakes cause i'm bringing one. 

awk.ward is when u bring a birthday cake to the restaurant 
and when u wanted to pass the cake to the waiter to keep it refrigerated
and the waiter asked 
can u show us the birthday girl ?
"uhm.... it's my birthday",

oh sumpah koyak di situ 

muka aku dah kotak dan bulat  -__-!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

happy bithday zella !

july fav month of the year 
kenapa ?
mestila sebab birthday aku !
and it july shows that we made it through half of the year so far
plus birthday kawan kawan aku 
hari ni birthday zella
umur dia dah 24 
aku kawan ngan dia sejak skolah rendah lagi 
kira punya kira macam byk tahun dah 

walaupun dia midget 
namun jgn anda tersilap sangka
sebab dia yang slalu buli aku 
bukan aku yang buli dia 

walaupun dia slalu buli aku 
namun kitaorg ni ngam
bak kata org puteh 
chemistry ! 

zella antara kawan aku yang suka buat benda2 bodo
kadang kadang, aku pun ikut gak 
but because of the stupid things she does and sometimes the stupid things that we do 
until today we have a lot to look back and laugh about 
kot kot aku tua nanti aku ada crita cool nak bgtau cucu aku 

as a diving buddy, as an accomplice , as a partner in crime, as awesome leo babies , as a friend from primary school days till now, holy shit i really appreciate that god gave me a good set of wonderful friends and thank you for being one of them ! 

happy 24th birthday zella!
hoped that u had a blast !
moga ko dapat mathew yang ko selama ni inginkan
moga ko sukses and stay awesome as we age through life together ! 
happy birthday midget ! 

zella budak attention deficit disorder
aku tak . sebab aku follow je dia. haha
2011 birthday celebration


"have u noticed , i've never been impressed by your friends from new york and london", kate nash sibuk menyanyikan ringtone tepon aku .

mim   : hello
baem : mim happy birthday ! ko dah tua !
mim   :aku dah tua , tapi ko nak kawin dah .
baem  :ko andartu !
mim   : bye baem . 


a year older , a year wiser
i hope so 

one more year, suku abad dah aku hidup
this year sumpah aku rasa tua 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

a bouquet of roses

i hate (wait hate maybe is a strong word. let's put dislike instead.) dislike watching rom-com ( romantic comedy) genre films/series. especially the 'out of this world fairy tale' kinda storyline. korean drama even worse , because the girls always seem to be portrayed as dumb/stupid and poor. 

because i believe these kinda stories yang feed the mind of young girls , to believe in some sort of a surreal world where the handsome prince will come and sweep u off your feet.  
so , if you think that somebody will declare his/her love to u in a stadium or some sort like in the movie never been kissed.think again.
if u think somebody will hang on the ferris wheel just to talk to ask u out like in the movie the notebook.think again.
and if u think somebody will propose to you with a thousand yellow daisies like in the series gilmore girls. think again. wait this last one might actually happen to u hopeless romantics out there , i tell u there is still hope for u guys .

the hopeless romantic
This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love.They're not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that's not what a hopeless romantic is. All hopeless romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them.They often live with rose colored glasses on.They make lovelook like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone.  
as written in

because the other day i was hanging out at a florist owned by my mom's friend . they were tying up this particular bouquet. 

100 stalks of roses. 
kau ada??
apparently a guy ordered this bouquet to propose to his girlfriend.
and the florist said once in a blue moon be one hopelessly in love dude a nice dude will order 500 stalk of roses . which will end up into a bouquet the size of a kopitiam table . 

seriously , i thought these kind of men are extinct.haha.
i mean people don't write letters anymore
for u hopeless romantic people
there is still HOPE
these men do STILL exist 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

it's the end of May ALREADY ???

since there isn't any post during the month of May
nah here it is.

shit . been wanting to post a lot of things (ye la tu )
but as per usual
masa mencemburui aku
as always.

eventhough aku bukan student arki yang konon-konon sibuk submission

Sunday, April 15, 2012


teringin nak makan beef teppanyaki 

ngan johnny's steamboat

Saturday, April 14, 2012


nowadays .
everybody is a stalker 

be it on twitter, on facebook, on blogs 
yup i know u yourself have done it 
at this era, everybody is a stalker .

here are some stalker songs i recommend the next time u stalk.haha

'strange and beautiful' - aqualung 

I'll put a spell on you,
You'll fall asleep and I'll put a spell on you.
And when I wake you,
I'll be the first thing you see, lyric's top
And you'll realise that you love me.

have u watched wicker park ? if not , go watch it 
wicker park is about a girl . who stalks a guy (josh hartnett) obsessively and will do anything to prevent him from being with someone else 
talk about psychooooo
psycho people = loss contact with reality , delusional , false beliefs  = scary people 

also not forgetting Clay Aiken's song 
'If i was invisible'- Clay Aiken 

What she doin' tonight? 
I wish I could be a fly on your wall.
Are you really alone? Who's stealing dreams?
Why can't I breathe you into my life?
(So tell me) What would it take to make you see that I'm alive?

If I was invisible
And I could just watch you in your room
If I was invincible

seriously , i wish i could be a fly on your wall ???
scary . serious . 
if u were a fly i'll kill u with a fly swatter

another stalker song

'i stalk your profile' - jazz hayat and aziz harun
superb voice i must say

semua gambar gambar u bersama si dia 
dalam caption nya kata mu aku cinta dia 
reaksi ku meluat tapi sedih pun ada 
memang kau ini player tapi malangnya ku mahu kau jua 

hahaha ni lyric terbaik sebab dia insert perkataan 'meluat' dalam verse dia
cuba bgtau aku lagu mana letak perkataan meluat dlam verse dia


'i blocked your profile'
suara minah ni bolehla. bolehlaaaa~

i blocked your profile 
because u freaked me out 

well said . well said.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Less Is More

i was so ecstatic when i saw this on google
straight away my mind was saying
"i know this! chicago school , illinois institute of technology. Mies van der Rohe !"
history of architecture all over again -__-!

ok bersedia untuk nada poyo budak architecture
haha aku rasa macam aku dalam secret society pulak . 
cuma 'certain' org je boleh tafsir gambar doodle google ni . hahaa . 
ok sumpah poyo  tak perlu. hahaa. but it's fun seeing google doodle tribute to one of the otai of the architecture world.

even though i am not into your 'less is more' philosophy, still,
happy belated birthday mr Ludwig Mies van der Rohe!
confirm ko kat kubur asyik terbatuk batuk je sebab nama ko asyik disebut2 je dlm dunia arki ni.

random note
btw. doodles are the fun, surprising and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists.
courtesy of google .

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jalankan Tanggungjawab Anda

Sudah kah anda menjalankan tanggungjawab anda?
Dah daftar mengundi ??
General election coming soon . pls register yourself as voters
exercise your rights!
tak kira la ko undi dacing ke , pau ke ,rocket ke , bebas ke 
tak kisah la yang penting ko undi
bukan setakat buat bising spt tin kosong di blog

pegi daftar cepat sebab aku baca kat paper hari tu last on the 31 of mac
selepas 31 ko akan undi for the next election

"if u have time to whine and complain about something, then you have time to do something about it"
Anthony J.D'Angelo

"we must be the change we wish to see in the world",
Mahatma Gandhi

"You may never know the results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results"
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Done with SPM, now what ?? : A Guide For Further Studies and what to expect

SPM is over, now what ?
i'm done with SPM in 2005 , went to uni in 2006, graduated in 2011, now i'm currently working in a firm
i'm no expert but i just wanna share what i went through to be where i am now.

the 2011 SPM results was the best recorded in five years .
congrats . 559 scored straight A+'s  in the 2011 SPM .
so if u are planning to score a a scholarship for medicine without straight A's in hand. think again . ur chances are pretty much slim.

On scholarship
there are a lot of scholarship around. depends, on what course u are taking. big companies like maybank and such are giving out scholarship depends on the area u wish to study. not to forget scholarship negeri like yayasan sabah , yayasan johor etc. make sure u are sabahan and of sabahan parentage to score yayasan sabah scholarship. sad to say i can't even apply for this as my parents are semenajung and i was born in sabah. my advise if u are johorean stay in johor ,make babies in johor , so that your child can apply for negeri scholar.

and if u do not manage to score any scholarship before hand, fret not, just remember to score in your first semester and apply for a JPA scholarship. i also do not know about this before hand. i guess i'm just not aware about it . what i'm trying to say here , there are so many ways to obtain scholarships or loan so don't make money an issue to not continue your tertiary studies.

ok enough about scholarship, what if your results are not that fantastic to score one???
PTPTN loan . this is the answer for u
everybody i know who applied for PT confirm dapat . serious
but if u think your parents can support u, don't take PTPTN. after u finish off your studies, even before getting a job, u already owe rm 20000. that's a lot. while studying, u don't see it , u only see it afterwards when u have to actually pay for it. haha. but it's only rm100 per month. rest assured u'll be paying until u die .

what did i do ?
my way to tertiary level education
my results were mediocre. and when everybody filled in the form for matriculation program, i did not. my advice is if u don't think u can score n do well matriculation. DON'T GO for matriculation. i'm serious . even though u are promised with a place in the local university, but if u do not do well enough , u will get 'lelong' to any courses left to be filled. true story.

after SPM, i applied for local u . Filled in my upu form. And hoped for the best. i didn't apply for anything else. i had no back up plans. my first choice was architecture in uitm , second choice was something else can't remember , and the last few choices was chemical engineering /engineering and the last one was law.
thank god everything worked out . manage to score an interview for architecture in uitm . and finally landed a place in uitm studying architecture. syukur, everything was smooth sailing.

also make sure the course u applied for is accredited. so that all the years u spent on studying won't go to waste.

in order to choose the best course for you. please make sure u do a background check on what u will be learning and the working life after. most of the time spm leavers just pick and choose a course that they think are suited for them . one thing for sure , get advise from people taking the similar course u intended to take , get advise from the professionals. i think lack of advise and exploring job scope of what u intend to do in life leads spm leavers into taking up the wrong course. most important of all , do what u love to do. not what your parents dreamt of u doing. or else u will be wasting your time .

job market 
u might wanna be a disc jockey , pilot and what not . by all means chase your dreams. but don't forget to check the market demand. Some of my pilot friends still haven't scored a job till this day. but look forward ,your expertise might not be needed now, but maybe there is a demand for it in the few years to come.

the decision u make after spm pretty much gonna be the thing u'll be doing for life .
and whatever your spm result was , itu tak menjanjikan apa apa kat dunia ni. it's just a stepping stone. hard work and determination are all that matters. CGPA is the last thing people look at . not your bloody spm result. unless, spm is the last exmination u ambik -__-!

**my thoughts and experience might differ from others. this is just something that i went through . insight on what u'll be expecting after spm.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

thoughts and what not

it's been three months now.
yup. i've been working for three months plus.
surprise. surprise .
even i'm surprised that i lasted this long.

work gradually becomes a routine.
a routine that passes through time . fast .
though it's becoming a routine , i still
i still have trouble waking up early in the morning
trying to stay up in the office is another thing
coffee helps though. coffee helps a lot.

after work , i still
i still get tired
even after a few months
so if i don't go out at night
i eat and retreat to bed .

sometimes i just can't go to sleep
i just stare and lay on my bed
or i read my timeline on twitter
which is normally flooded by insomniac
i shut down at 1.30-2.00pm and wake up at 7.05am

work gradually has been ok
learned quite a lot of things
alhamdulillah .
a few friends joined in the timesquare community
timesquare used to be boring
but now much better :)

i still wonder how people go through their whole life
working from 9 to 5
i'm truly amazed
because for 3 months i felt that
i haven't achieved much .
only thing i can be proud of is that i'm working

i think i can do a lot more
achieve more things
i think i'm not using my whole potential
now i'm stuck in a phase
ok i'm working , what now ??

time management is certainly the culprit here
no actually
it's procrastinating
i normally have a thousand things to do on my to-do-list
but i end up procrastinating
god help me

i read the papers the other day
the article wrote that a to-do-list can make you even more distracted
instead the article recommends to keep your to-do-list short and
decide what's important and stick to it for the day

the article wrote that we are living in an era of information overload
tweeting while watching tv , flicking through magazines while on the phone
we are living in a media heavy , socially networked life nowadays.
which is mostly true

i tweet when i'm at work
i go online when i'm at home
i'm looking at a screen practically 80 percent of the day
wake up and i will scroll my bb for twitter timeline

the article said that in the upcoming book by the author
'sleeping with your smartphones'
argues that phones need to be switched of and 'outsmarted'
ngeh . funny but surprisingly true .
most of the time with the help of technology these days, i procrastinate
and delay things from getting done.

if u are still reading my jibber jabber
my point really is that
if i manage to manage my time, myself ,really well,
i guess i can achieve much more in these few months past

i think time flies really fast
and i should make the most out of it
still am. still trying .
organizing my mind. organize my life .
insyaallah :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rumah Terbalik The Upside Down House in Borneo

if u are staying in kotakinabalu
u must have heard all the fuss about Rumah Terbalik , The Upside Down House in Borneo
it was all over the newspapers
even nizam who was here for a holiday saw rumah terbalik on his way up to kundasang,
and he suggested that we go and check it out 

well, me being me, of course i wanna see what's all the hype about 
also, i can proudly say that i've been there, done that

nizam drove . and with my superb instinct and knowledge on roads in sabah,
we arrive after 30 minutes ++ drive from kota kinabalu
and we miss the junction 
because there were no signage at all  
we were quite in a rush since i thought that the rumah terbalik closes at 5pm
and man was i wrong 

we arrived around 4 ish plus
thought that it closes at 5 
but apparently opens till 8 pm
rushing like nobody's business and apparently u open till 8 -____-!

it was drizzling 
so pictures are a little bit gloomy 

we were greeted by staffs wearing kain batik sarong and official rumah terbalik polo tshirt 
quite a lot of staff i must say
but maybe it was raining so not much tourist / locals stopping by 
we were charged rm 10 PER PERSON
rm 20 for the both of us 

for foreigners rm 18 
still dirt cheap for them 
but anyway 

the rumah terbalik operates in a way only a group will enter the house 
and then followed by another group 
even though there were not many people around 

so u'll see the staff holding walkie talky
acting all important 
communicating with each other 
like lady gaga is entering the house 
even though there were 2-3 of us around visiting 

the entrance fee includes 
a guided tour of the house

so a guide will follow u around the house 
u can't take pictures in the house 
which is a bummer 
and u can only walk on the designated red carpet path 

the guide will show u around the house 
explaining the area of the house
etc. living room, wash room 

and while u were admiring the whimsicality of the house
and when u were about to get dizzy seeing the world upside down, 
the guide will proceed to next area of the house 
as if pestering u to end the tour quickly 
man i paid rm 10 for this 
at least let me take my own sweet time 
hell, i can't even take pictures inside the house 

and for  rm 10
i get two minutes of guided tour inside the house 
ok exaggerating maybe five minutes 
such a RIPOFF

the side elevation of the house

nizam taking a picture of the house 

this is me making my rm 10 worth it 
taking picture with a banana tree 
this is at the souvenir shop area 
and there is a cafe too
unfortunately no free drink with the entrance fee

don't be fooled by our facial expressions 
such a disappointing tour 

back elevation 
me again
trying to make my rm 10 worth it 

taken from the souvenir shop area 

to take a picture with this kancil
it's free
so next time if u drop by here
just take a picture of the kancil and the exterior of the house 
from the parking lot area
i just saved u rm10 

me again
trying to make my rm 10 worth it 

nizam's final verdict 

my personal opinion on how to make it better 
maybe the guided tour should not pester us to quickly end the tour 
*let us take our time to admire your hard work 
*it will be more informative if the tour includes the history, idea, construction
i suggest , provide visual/interactive information boards on the history / idea/ construction of the house 
*an area inside the house for visitors to take a picture . at least one area . designated area la. 
great effort to promote tourism , but i'll just go once in my lifetime

rumah terbalik 
location : Kampung Telibong, Batu 21, Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli, district of Tuaran.
operating hours : 8 am till 8 pm