Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hey JULY

wey it's july ALREADY

cuti sem. over
another sem to go.
pls let it be just a sem.

pls give me the strength for this sem 
most of the familiar faces won't be around 
but u guys are still gonna be around rite
we'll finish what we started  

wey it's july ALREADY

i actually love the month of july 
obvious reason
but this year
first week of july 
brasil out 
sheet u belanda 

haih . now my husband can't model around the field anymore 
bladi belanda

wey it's july ALREADY

i'm goin back to shah alam 
on the 7th 
sheeet . mentally/physically not prepared at all

beaches and places around kk kinda wet these days
due to raining season 
where's my SUNSHINE??

boohoo first week of july