Monday, May 30, 2011

thoughts II

arrived home safely.
ah heaven.
home cooked meals.
lazying around the queen sized bed.
what more could i possibly ask for.
alhamdullilah :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


shouldn't have.
created the mess in the first place.
tangled and attached.
leaving is just a hard thing to do right now.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Cream and Fudge Factory @Farenheit 88

aku teringin gila nak makan aiskrim kat kedai ni sejak dari hari tu 
(sejak aku terstumble upon dekat blog makan makan)

The Cream and Fudge Factory 
Farenheit 88

cita-cita aku termakbul bila
haritu aku turun kl
dua hari berturut-turut makan aiskrim ni
ha hambek ko
kepuasan tak tehingga

aku makan haritu 
Rocky Road 
hari pertama single scoop
hari kedua double scoop
(sebab nijam belanja :) )
**trima kasih semoga u dimurahkan rezeki

ni flavor yang ada kat kedai tu 
u can also pick and mix/create your own creation of icecream 
but i chose Rocky Road to be on the safe side :)

this is the black frozen marble
used as a place to mix toppings with the ice cream 

the ice cream will be flatten 
using the spatula
then toppings will be mix together with the ice cream

don't worry as your ice cream will be back in shape after the mixing!
the result :

not-to-sweet-just the right amount of sugar 
roasted almond , walnuts, mini marshmallow and chocolate fudge
hell yeah i'm in heaven 
loving it :)
+ the price is reasonable tooo
12.90 for single scoop
18.90 for double scoop

loooking back buat i terliur liur pulak
damn u pictures
seriously this i recommend
but the waffle is just too crispy not to my liking
but overall yumeeeeyh!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Of Hazelnut Milk Tea and Oyster Mee Sua

the other day after i watched the movie thor 
( thor was AWESOME btw ! haven't watched it yet ? lame . haha ;P )

continued with window shopping
got hungry 
saw this long queue at this kiosk 
*ok exaggerating. not that long la. but ada crowd jugak la 
it's been a long time since i had my bubble tea 

 ni hazelnut milk tea + pearl 
total rm 5.90
yang aku pegang ni regular size kot. 
actually i wanted chocolate hazelnut milk tea with pearl 
but they were out of chocolate . 
so yea
hazelnut milk tea it is 
the result , ok la not that bad . 
reminds me of teh tarik hazelnut at noodle station. 
imagine teh tarik hazelnut with pearl  
i still prefer yoyo though .
no other bubble tea can beat yoyo
serious .  
*Chatime is a famous beverage franchise in Taiwan*
*more than 300 around the world* 
Chatime ,
Sunway Pyramid

then we weren't that hungry so 
we walked around asian avenue 
then i remembered the other day 
when i was saying to myself that i should try the 
at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid  

ordered one oyster mee sua 
i actually wanted to try this dish coz everytime i drop by to eat takoyaki 
i will watch poeple eating it and savouring it from afar 
so pretty much i wanted to try it out

the handmade oyster mee sua
after having a few spoons of mee sua 

the result 
the oyster mee sua , unfortunately is not as good as everyone said it was.
correction , it is not as good as i see people slurping and finishing the whole thing
the oyster mee sua cost around rm 6 , i think
consists of two oysters yang dah kopek , sambal , shredded chicken , mee hoon and the hot piping soup
i don't really enjoyed it because
after a few spoonfuls
the oyster mee sua becomes so payau
tasted fishy
(most probably because of the oyster.duh . )
and worst of all
it leaves an aftertaste after u eat it
much like mushrooms and lamb
i guess this dish is just not to my liking

*i was pretty amazed to see a girl siting beside me finishing off her mee sua since i surrended after a few spoonfuls

we didn't finish off the mee sua but we did ordered the XXL fried chicken
it was good as always but i still prefer Uncle Bob's chicken

ok it was rated #1

maybe it was just not to my liking ;P

after eating the Oyster Mee Sua
i had coke
to wash away all the loye-ness in me
oh coke , i can always count on u =)