Friday, September 30, 2011

menonton television

menonton television 
antara salah satu aktiviti tetap para penganggur
aku rasa ni bulan ke 4 aku menganggur
alhamdulilah . aku sihat walafiat :))

ok the other day , i watched a show on tv 
about a cat named Dusty 
what is so interesting about this cat is that,
Dusty actually steals stuff and bring it back home 
cool kan 

come to think of it 
kucing aku pun selalu bawa barang balik rumah
mengiow utk menunjukkan hasil penangkapan beliau
namun kucing saya bawa balik burung, katak, cicak , tikus dan sewaktu dengan nya

dusty ni pula bawa balik swimsuit ,patung softtoy, dan gloves
pelik tapi sumpah comel gila!

a picture of dusty taken from

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wordlesswednesday #2

Monday, September 19, 2011

when i was 13

while i was cleaning up my room the other day
look what i foundddd!
aku jumpa buku log sains aku yang lama

when i was 13
bila aku masuk form 1 
terkena pulak masuk klas pn jeanie yong
haiyh. dahla kena duk kat makmal sains dekat toilet.
krusi lab yang tak best 
buat sakit bontot.
pastu kena cari buku log yang ada 400-500 pages
berat tau nak bawak pegi skul

ni gambar buku log aku 
(sebelum buang ambik gambar dulu.penat kehulur kehilir setahun kat skul)

buku ni berat gila
pn jeanie yong memang suruh decorate buku sains aku
ni sehabis lawa aku boleh buat
log book ada markah tau!

dalam log book
kerja kursus 
then slogan sains???ntah aku pun lupa .

dalam log book

slogan yang lebih kurang sama -__-!

tak cukup ngan nak kena hias log book 
kena lukis kotak utk cikgu aku cop dan sign. 
tapi aku lebih bijak

aku lukis kotak banyak banyak 
pastu aku fotostat
pastu aku tampal. 
bijak kan :p

tulisan aku yang bulat-bulat

paling tak boleh blah sign jawi tu

aku tak pernah suka pn jeanie yong
aku rasa dia pun tak suka aku
dahla kena buat log book
kena berkebun
group aku nyer kebun tak brapa menjadi
lantak la
yang penting pmr aku science A

Gourmet Pizza at The Cooking House

the other day when i was in kl 
nijam and i went to the cooking house, damansara 
to learn how to cook gourmet pizza

i ate pizza before, lots of time but making one form scratch???
memang tak pernah arrrrrr.....
(actually i pester nijam to buy the groupon for this pizza cooking class. didn't even know how did i managed to convince him.but somehow i did.hehee. thanx nijam :D)

i thought we were late for class.luckily we're just in time.
out of 14 people there for the class, we were the youngest. no surprise there. 
hahaaa. and in my head *shit, having a class with seasoned cooks.* talk about intimidating~~

all of us are handed out with recipes 
the chef, chef ryan starts with a demonstration on making the pizza dough from scratch
ok that is chef ryan. i snapped this pic while he was chopping basil leaves i think.

after the demonstration on how to make a dough 
we went back to our cooking stations, and started making the pizza dough
we shared the station with two ladies. apparently sisters. 
they were in such a hurry , as if making the dough was like a competition
talk a about PRESSURE!
the first dough i tried making with nijam was not a success
it was hard,and when we ask the chef , he said add some water, and we ended up with a SOGGY dough
then we ask him again , he said REDO?
wat the FAK?
we make the second dough in a rush because chef ryan wanted to demonstrate the next recipe 
LUCKILY the second dough was a success. 

chef nijam at work 

chef mim. posing at work  ;p

we were such in a rush for the second recipe,which is the Pizza Dolci
sweet pizza with orange marmalade and fruit salsa
it was a disaster
when all the sweet pizza was out from the oven, we were like, whose flat pizza is that ???
since everyone's was fluffy and nice looking colour
then later we found out that it was ours :/
the result -flat looking and keras gila boleh buat pukul org .serious!
cannot be eaten. dispose. rubbish bin!

this the pizza sauce chef ryan made for all of us
he said we had no time to do it 
so he cooked it for all of us there

some of the ingredients provided

this is pizza quatro sangioni
talk about fancy name
mentang2 gourmet pizza konon
oh! nijam and i made this!

we made this to !
calzone al salmone affumicato!
nama nak fancy je lebih :/

the end result
capers tasted so yucky 
tak sedap lansung 
capers are common ingredients found in italian cooking
*google capers*
but euw tak sedap :S serious!

i guess the pizza was too gourmet for me 
i didn't like it at all 
ok exaggerating
i can eat it so-so
maybe i'm so malaysiannize, 
i prefer dominoes/ hawaian chicken pizza
call me kampung but seriously not that nice la~

these are mini pizzas
supposedly served with salsa
not shown here
these are not made by nijam and i 
these are the kakak nyer mini pizza
i bet they envy our mini pizza because it's better looking than theirs. hahaaaaaa

it was fun and tiring
one failed recipe, three successful ones
good try for beginners :) 

the class could be better if 
*the chef takes it slow, one step at a time
*the chef makes sure everybody can do it (in this case everybody can bake pizza at home once they finish this class)
*the chef shouldn't be so arrogant 
*the chef should check the progress of each table
*chef shouldn't eat their creation, should let students try them instead

but all and all
a fun experience
at least i learn something :)
and nijam was not bad at all in the kitchen :)

The Cooking HouseTel:  03-23001070
Fax:  03-23001070
Add: 20-1, Jalan 31/70A,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, September 15, 2011


aku ada jersey malaysia . ko ada???
aku teringin nak post gambar .biarpun bilik sepah . rambut macam kelly ng gila(ni mak aku yang kata). biorle ni kan belog aku. bukan belog bapak ko.  
rupanya dah kamis
ni lah kehidupan seorg penganggur. we can't even tell what day is it.matter of fact ,i can't even tell what's the date. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a place i call

during the flight back to kota kinabalu from kuala lumpur,
i was late. like always. rushed to the airport.
practically breeze walking with heels to the departure gate.
cried like there's no tomorrow
leaving for kk used to be a happy moment
but now leaving is the hardest part. :s

i was seated next to nobody and the window seat was occupied by 50-ish old american guy
due to emotional breakdown(emo seketika) i ate my dinner and slept through the flight 
dah la flight aku penuh dgn uncivilised punya org . choi. such a nuisance . 
when i arrived ,i felt better with happy thoughts of home and the lovely kittens,

before i leave the plane , i ask the 50 ish american guy
me : are u here on a holiday ? <tengah bajet nak senaraikan sabah as the most friendliest people on earth>
50-ish american guy : no , this is my home. <pergh org puteh tak sedar diri. bajet malaysian plak.haha>
me : or malaysia my second home ?? 
50-ish american guy : no. i work here . it's been nine years. in and out for business trip. but i settled here because i like it here very much. are u on a holiday ?
me : <eh dia pulak tanya aku holiday ke pulak. dah habis asian dah muka aku> no. this is my home . kata aku sambil tersenyum

apa yg aku nk sampaikan
**aku bangga org luar suka dan terpesona dekat kk. aku bersyukur aku dok kat kk. truly a nice place to live :) 

Kota Kinabalu, is a place i call home :)

syawal 2011

post raya yang tertangguh
tapi aku nak post jugak

raya 2011
disebabkan atuk aku tak berapa sihat sepanjang ramadhan,
bapaku decided to go back for hari raya to spend some time with atuk
atuk is 83 already . he's getting old. everytime i see the movie Up, aku akan teringat kat atuk aku , sumpah serupa muka diorg. i'm not that close with atuk. i guess it's because we live far apart. i guess. but he still remembers me , so i guess that's good enough :) 

i remember when we were small(my brother and i) and we went back for raya in singapore, my brother and i refuse to go in atuk's flat in singapore because it was small and dark -__-!! .god, mcamana la perasaan atuk cam tu :s . haish . well actually i did not remember bout this, my dad told me. haha. spoiled kids. still having atuk around , raya is always an excuse for family gathering. i hope atuk lives a longlife, because i hate the idea of not having family gatherings. balik kampung is always exciting. eventhough singapore tak kampung mana, haha .this explains why i squeal comel at every goat, cow, chicken and kerbau -___-!

ok ter-melencong
back to raya 2011
first raya : rumah aku as usual open house on the first day . since we don't have any family in KK so biasanya open house on the first day. saja nak ramai ramai baru raya. :P heee. baru raya perantauan, raya bersama rakan rakan :)

first day jugak aku g open house umah azwan 

and also rumah mar!

dan rumah zaza(*teda gambar sebab aku malas nak transfer)
tapi ni muka zaza dekat rumah aku!

eventhough everybody dah sayur(worn out) bila sampai rumah aku 
sebab sebelum rumah aku diorg pegi rumah azwan,mar,zaza, and achul
*jojo by the time rumah aku dah masuk yang ke-9 for the day.WOW kan*
but bila dah recharge and nak stat main bunga api semua kembali cergas
paling staring main mercun *semestinya si zella.jejari pendek tukang light mercun

group photo!!!

raya kedua aku rest . raya ke 3 i flew off to kl for 8 days. 
met up with the atuk,aunt and uncle, nijam, and frens
aku memang raya sakan tahun ni

but still dlam sibuk getting the best out of both worlds
aku miss open house umah jerry jojo and awg. haish . maybe next time :)

bagi yang aku tak sempat nak balas sms, ucapan tulus iklas korg tu 
aku mohon maaf , mungkin terlepas pandang dan tak menang tangan nak balas :P chewah gila macam byk je sms dapat 
so aku mohon ampun dan maaf mana yang aku sakitkan hati secara tak sengaja/sengaja :P
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
till we meet again ramadhan :)