Wednesday, April 27, 2011


tgh blogwalking
jalan jalan baca blog org org random

menyampah BILA
buka buka je blog org yang random
lagu lagu random kedengaran
lagu jiwang korea mana ntah

LAGI menyampah BILA
aku tgh syok layan playlist aku sendiri
ko pulak dok sibuk nak PAKSA aku dgr PLAYLIST KO ITU

PALING menyampah BILA
tak jumpa pun button nak stop lagu yang ko paksa aku dengar tu
kalo sedap takpe jugak

setengah org suka makan nasi goreng
setengah org suka makan mee goreng
ko tak boleh nak paksa org makan makanan kegemaran ko

BILA aku tak jumpa butang nak stop playlist ko tu
aku mengambil langkah drastik
tutup terus blog ngko
puas hati aku

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the long and winding road

last thursday 
submission day 
shitty submission 
i would like to call it 

kinda bumped bout it 
but there's no one to be blamed but myself 


maybe i can blame my bloody CAD . 
acting funny and crappy in the midst of submission n all
haish . crap . 

come to think of it 
i only had design to think about 
and still i failed to deliver 
why . 
should have done better . seriously feeling crappy bout it 

sometimes, i think that i care more about others than myself 
but i can't help it . this is me 
i should put me first . 
and anybody else second 

i kinda breakdown everytime finals are around the corner
it's just that when u do the same thing, routinely, every now and then 
u just get sick of it ,and u just wanna go home 
i wanna go home .

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail."
- Confucius-