Tuesday, January 31, 2012

wordless wednesday #3

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear 30 year old me.

dear 30 year old me,

by this time u'r 30 , -___-! [duh],
and the year is 2018 , -_____-! [double duh]

this is me writing to u at the age of 23. [ 23 ok. hey it's not even July yet ]
by the age of 30 i hope u have accomplished some of the things i hoped that u had already accomplished maybe even before u reached 30 [ haha -..-! ]

ok first and foremost
by the age of 30 u must be happily married(to someone superbly tall and handsome.haha)/ or somewhere close(close meaning very close to getting hitched). if u're not married by 30 . haih . i sure am disappointed. 30 tak kawin lagi sumpah an.dar.tu -..-!

if u'r married, god i sure hoped that u'r married by then. good.
what u have a kid ??? god didn't see this coming. by thirty if u have a kid wow, if u have two kids by now, god u're a factory

and u'r still working?? i didn't expect u to last that long. u deserve a pat on the back. (yes do it now. the 23 u says so)

i sure hope u are riding one hot smokin ride. maybe a jeep or something. i doubt it we can afford the mini by 30. it's ok to still dream bout it. haha. and u drive already. [please]

by thirty,
u at least had taken advance diving license . and had at least gone to sipadan once in your freaking lifetime. if not slap yourself, u are starting to get old and boring. seriously. get help. go seek zella now. if she's still happening by 30. haha

by thirty u at least had traveled to six different country . no matter where it is. it shows that u'r still fun. like the 23 u . u'r 30 fun and have a lot of money to go travel and waste money. haha

by thirty
u'r not living with mum and dad, u have your own crib. superbly cool. because u'r an architect.architect equals to cool crib.  i have little hope on you still being an architect at 30. living the dream ?? and u have a fat cat living wit u .

by thirty,
u had attended several close friends weddings. and they are happily married by now.

by thirty,
u had done bungee jumping. (high five if u accomplished this)

by thirty
u still keep close contact with friends .

by thirty,
u had conquered mount kinabalu. oh this suppose to be before 25. so it's supposed to be done 
u should have mastered the art of cooking

by thirty
u shouldn't dress like u'r 50. your hair is still black.and u'r not fat. if u r wearing size 29 please throw that burger in your hand rite now.MOK. and u are a cool ,young 30 person. when people guess how old are u , they should guess that u are 23 . (i'm serious bout this)

by thirty,
sabah/kota kinabalu/ is still in your heart

-this is what i can come up with rite now. but i'll sure add it up time to time.hahaha -

Monday, January 9, 2012


ada apa dengan 901??
kawan aku mati-mati ingat ada kaitan ngan 1901 hotdogs. hahaha #epicFAIL
*gelak2 aku baca status ko yasemin. tau la tak cukup tidur buat design.hahaaaha

after all the 901 hyped , acquitted and discharged
all i could think of was ,
how lucky i am that i do not have to explain to my child what sodomy means when they read the newspapers

Friday, January 6, 2012

[work.log] jan2012

it's been a month already
i made it through a month 
i deserve a trophy 

but i accept cheque too :P