Wednesday, February 23, 2011

do you need

do you need a jolt ?
nescafe mocha 
the answer for a jolt 

*still sleepy after a can of mocha
maybe today i need two cans 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

priority no 1

u guys know that u guys are my priority no.1 rite ?

the friendship that we built 
through out all these years 
i treasure it
i appreciate it 
i thank you all
through all the thick and thin that we went through 
definitely never a dull moment whenever i'm spending time with u guys !

i make it a point to catch up and spend time with u guys 
i love the whole group =) i may not show it or say it out loud 
but u guys know it rite 
u guys are my priority no 1 
(* but my family comes first =) )

congrats farish and zahrah !
can't wait for jojo's wedding in 2014

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i'm on my way

super EXCITED !!!!!!
hmmm i can smell the sea already !!!!!!
the food.
 the sea.
the 4wd. 
the i can go anywhere minus the jam .
the i can go anywhere with rm10/15 in my pocket
the ambiance
the home-cooked meals

the cats . 
the family . 


fak this shit

i hate it whenever u called
u talked to me like i'm a person with no freaking feelings at all 
i hate it since u are the one who's asking me out 
and when i can't make it or i'm with someone else
u make this tone of voice that clearly sounded like u'r upset/pissed off

i did not signed any contract with you 
or anybody else for that matter 
nobody owns me except for my parents 
i can go out with whoever i want to
and i do not memorize everybody's schedule for god's sake 

i've been trying my best to 
allocate time and hang out with friends
u know what's the big problem here ????
it's because the circle of friends u created 
the certain people u try to avoid in your life 

i tried to bring u along 
but u wouldn't give in 
sticking to what ever that u believe in 
i'm tired of all this shit 

i'm trying to be a good friend here
i'm trying hard to please whoever that i call friends 
but i'm getting tired of this 
i just don't even care anymore
this is all just drama crap 

Friday, February 11, 2011

jalan-jalan kuala lumpur

i've always had this thing that i wanted to do before i die 
oh and i'm gonna talk about boring architecture stuff in this post
hahaa . ya it sounds so cliche but hell yeah i have this list of things i wanted to do 
one of it is to feel/touch/see the-must-see historical buildings in malaysia 
call me boring/old fashion but i love the buildings that made up kuala lumpur 

so the other day 
i went to dataran merdeka 
tourist destination by day 
tempat lepak rempit by nite 
it really serves to function the community till this day 

this is dataran merdeka  

the key and prominent building is the bangunan sultan abdul samad 
view of the front facade of the building 
during my visit there was a construction going on 
and the front facade view was covered with 'khemah-khemah'
 the 'big ben' of malaysia 
if u r wondering why this building is pretty damn famous 
it is because it serves as backdrop to important events
in front of this building was where the'union jack' flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag hoisted for the first time 

built by british architect
A.C Norman and AB Hubbock 
to house several important government department back then 
now it houses the Commercial Division of the High Court of Malaya
so if u walk around the building u can see lawyers 
with their 'tahi cicak' clothing and strolling around with their black professional briefcase trolley bag 

influenced by moorish architecture 
hence , the arches 

built in 1894 completed in 1897 
i'm actually more amazed how they manage to complete this building for three years only 
the details in the building / the technology back then / and till now it is still standing 
as the centerpiece of kuala lumpur along jalan tunku abdul rahman  

this is me walking around kuala lumpur .
 to be continued .