Wednesday, November 16, 2011 [kon-vuh-key-shuhnor how i like to say it as hari memakai robe dan mortar pada hari yang panas. ya jika anda graduan local, graduation merupakan hari yang panas. 
so after all these torturing years,sleepless nights,all the tears the physical and mental torture
finally i graduated .*guling-guling*

thanx mum and dad , my brother , for the endless support, for the drive and motivation ,and not forget to mention thanx for the supply of fulus tak putus throughout the years . thank u .
the boys and girls at the back are not my siblings. haha. 
uitm's convocation is like family outing day . it is like jom heboh . serious. everybody seems to bring their opah,aunt,uncle,niece,nephew,mother-in-law,father-in-law. ramai gila org. serious.
i really pitied the atuk and nenek , waiting outside in the hot scorching son for their loved ones. some even in their wheelchairs. but looking at their faces even after the long wait, seeing their faces were priceless. every each and one of them proud of their children. 

thanx to gengkaras. for being there, for the fun and yummy outings. u guys make me feel closer to home when i'm here in shah alam. ;P

trima kasih yang amat sangat pada warga budak arki. all of u guys , yang bantu secara lansung dan tak lansung, for being my roomates, teman aku makan , hantar aku here and there, sama-sama tolong bila buat design, sama-sama kena marah bila datang lambat dan macam macam lagi. nak state semua memang tak boleh ar. i thank u all. sticking with me through thick and thin. sampai la aku grad. 

nijam attended my convo!!
yeay ! 
thanx to nijam for endless support :P
also thanx for lending an ear whenever i had to bitch about design .etc//

bersama bob yang comellll!!!!!
with zella and zaza!!

bersama cik dalila khairi
see aku setinggi kiman

shambro, ida, rina and nas
thanx rina tolong pkaikan robe ! 

baem pun ada ! :P

thanx yanti for the flowers
thanx qila for the chocolates and cupcakes!!!
thanx to semua yang datang!
really appreciate it :'))

congrats to the rest of gengkaras yang konvo bersama , natalie ,dyan,zaza,awang,achul and nizar
sorry couldn't make it to u guys punya convo

congrats nizar!

congrats za! ANC! KELAS PERTAMA wei!!!

congrats natalie! chemical engineeeer! woots!

congrats chul. smart gambar ko!
dyan and awang aku ndak dpt cari gambar ko di fesbuk
oh gambar ni aku curi dr fesbuk . harap maklum

thanx all :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

KL Bird Park

the other day i visited the KL Bird Park 
situated at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur 

yup this is one my activities during my unemployed days in the month of October
seee i told u i was busy occupying my time with educational activities .haha

the admission fees rm 20 ringgit perperson if u're malaysian . foreigners much more expensive apparently.
to me , it was quite pricey . to me lah . but the whole experience was definitely awesome so i didn't mind the price at the end of the day . world largest free flight aviary ok/super awesome birds walking on the pavement like a herd of sheep walking in the middle of the road in new zealand.  no point of me writing long essays so let me stuff u with pictures.haha.

once u step in the aviary , u'll be greeted by lovebirds. banyak giler . serious tak tipu. belum apa apa dah stuck situ about ten minutes. ok above pics are not love birds. haha. above pic are egret. EGRET ok bukan STORK. 
STORK tu lain. ramai org panggil stork . sebenarnya dia egret. misconception warga kota kini. if you're living in kota kinabalu u definitely need not go far to see egret. literally u just have to take 'jalan laut' dekat masjid bandaraya confirm ada punya. 

ok i was literally running around taking photos of the peacock until i realised.......

(beautiful shot kannnnnn ;p )

this bird is like wearing a headgear piece. cool huh.

.....until i sambungan caption atas. haha. peacocks are everywhere in this park. if they organize an election here, peacocks will definitely win hands down. serious. this is a picture of peacocks conquering the park slowly planning to take over the park. serious. 

nijam trying to take a photo of the group of peacocks but failed...

tak sure burung apa ni. haha lupa. 

me feeding mr peacock/we actually wondered how to actually get up close to any of the peacocks , definitely bird food was the answer. the birds will come close to u to get some bird food. so bring lots of 50 cent coins!!!

ok mr peacock rarely open up like this. serious. so this picture very rare ok.

nijam with mr peacock. mr peacock is kinda shy . shy or sombong tak sure. mr peacock will take small steps away from u if u were to take picture with it.

nijam hiding behind mr peacock. 

awkward pose with mr peacock

another one .sorry overflowing picture of peacock. but they are so adorable. comel ok.
peacock=will do anything for bird food

comel kan this bird. i think i saw this somewhere . in one of the cartoons. cannot remember which one though.

anak ayam dan anak itik! comel!

i think bird park was fun. puas hati la with what u pay. but i guess if u come at the right time during feeding time and the amphitheater show i guess it is more worth it. but all together awesome la. way much better than my trip to zoo negara. if u're near to lake gardens take a detour to kl bird park. if u don't have 20 ringgit with u outside of the park plenty of monyet for free entertainment. haha. 

the bird park opens daily from 9 am till 6 pm

Congratulations! : october unemployed days

what i've beeen up to for the past month 
last month before i flew off to kl 
i made a pit stop before going off to the airport 
to kawin kakak awang 

the door gift, penuh tangan . memang tidak rugi kalo pegi 

see i told u i wasn't sleeping at home doing nothing
always productive even though i'm unemployed :P

october unemployed days to be continued ///

a short update

it's been ages since i the last post
been busy i guess
hei even though i'm not working i can be busy !
damn serious 
more updates to come .
what i've been up to 
what i've done this past weeks .