Tuesday, March 15, 2011

percubaan pertama

Trial and error

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current obsession

currently ter-hooked on 
carla bruni sarkozy 
yup she's the first lady of france
the other day, when i saw her getting married to the president of france 
i was like , sarkozy u are one hell of a lucky guy 
model wei !

i was browsing through the other day 
i just found out that she was a singer jugak 
n shit. tertekan play button byk kali pulak 
oh oh i was wiki-ing carla baru je tadi 
n found out that she took art and architecture dulu 
tapi tak habis la
half way through she realized that she makes more money modelling
why go through all the sleepless nights

oh oh
n i was gooling other celebs with architorture degree
one of them is nicholas saputra 
achitecture degree from universitas of indonesia

aishwarya rai
took architecture gave up half way through to pursue modelling 

so that means
beautiful people je eh yang ambik architecture??? 
aku pun boleh di-considered as one of them kan????? 

screw this nonsense
ni tgh sedapkan hati
why in the first place aku ambik architecture
every sleepless nights
this particular question pops out in my head
a r c h i t o r t u r e 
i am seriously hoping that i had made the right choice 

- baru selesai submit semalam 
lambat sedikit 
tapi still di-assess
nasib baik sempat 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

die letzte Kritik

sleepy gler babi semalam
i just wanna go through with it
tapi end up habis lewat petang jugak.

work faster syamim. katanya
so kena tambah minyak la kot.
minyak dah la naik harga. haih .

*sekarang tgh demam german.
ICH BIN BLAU! harap maklum.
kalo nak master bahasa german,
ckap mesti kasar, tegas masukkan unsur2 ganas sikit
aku memang tak reti sgt
aku kan baik ,penyayang ,lembut.
opposites of all of the above
hahahahaha. ok bye.

random morning post
Guten Morgen Welt
it means good morning, world